A Congregationalist’s Journey: Photographs of Sacred and Secular England

Imagine a place where modern skyscrapers co-exist with ancient citadels, a place where wireless technology inhabits medieval pastures, a land where jet airplanes fly over cathedrals constructed more than 1,000 years ago.. Among these images that comprise are churches, gardens, dungeons, the London subway, 18th century Puritan gathering places, and 21st century fashions.  Szymanski’s book is an adventure in photography, one that integrates timeless images of ancient and contemporary England.  Travel through the centuries to experience the simplicity of the early Puritans and modern London’s mass transit system, long-dormant cathedrals and vibrant small villages and harbors.  Photographer Szymanski captured England now ---- as well as its history in his book of images.  England has a rich history.  But it is also a leader of fashion, architecture, and art.  This book reflects both the country’s past and shows it as it is now.